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Open Reservations
Social commitment
Social commitment

At Apartamentos Leo we feel responsible for contributing socially in the form of donations made every year. We compromise ourselves to donate a percentage of each reservation to important organizations such as Ayuda en Acción, Cruz Roja Española, Save the Children, Unicef, among others and to unusual catastrophes such as The Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), Haiti’s earthquake (2010) and the Horn of Africa (2011). At Apartamentos Leo we are sympathetic to these causes and we cannot be indifferent, We strive for a better world. This is the reason Apartamentos Leo wants to increase year on year, join our efforts, help bond our society and work toward a fairer world.

Commitment towards animal world

One of our greatest contributions is towards the prevention of animal abandonment. In some of our apartments (Leo Canela, Leo Islamar and Leo Punta Umbría), it is possible to bring your dearest pet friends along.
Each year we aim at preventing from having to let your pets home alone, in kennels or in worse situations such as abandonment.
This has been possible so far due to the cooperation with owners so that our little pet friends are welcome in the best possible way in our facilities, providing an excellent coexistence.

Environmental commitment

In our commitment towards the environment, Apartamentos Leo, has also been developing a programme of energy-saving in order to reduce the waste of energy in appliances while in stand-by.
We are also moving to replace traditional light bulbs for energy-efficient light bulbs.
This contributes an important saving of CO2 emissions and consumption of fossil fuels.