Isla Canela
What to see in Isla Canela
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Isla Canela is one of the most requested zones of the whole Costa de la Luz due to its great natural beauty and due to the splendid touristic services that it offers, including a wide variety of shops, restaurants and activities. This area has known how to preserve its lovely history from when it was known as territory of Ayamonte where fisherman lived and worked.
Discover Isla Canela...
  • Isla Canela Beach
    The estuary of the river Guadiana and the marshland are part of the wide area of the beach of Isla Canela, known by its natural beauty. The soft sand in contact with the feet and the crystalline water of the Atlantic stand out from its characteristics. A place to combine the rest with sport practice.
  • Marina of Isla Canela
    The beach of Isla Canela wouldn't be the same without its marina, harbour to luxurious yachts. A place where to get after a walk by the Atlantic Ocean and from where you can observe the whole bay in a relaxing experience. Since you are there, you might want to take the chance to get some sailing or diving lessons.
  • Punta del Moral Beach
    The beach of Punta del Moral, together with the beach of Isla Canela, is also a very required zone recognised within international tourists due to the fine sand and calm waters. The area has got at your disposal all kinds of services and facilities preserving the attractiveness of the past, when it was a small fishermen village.
  • Natural Park of Doñana
    This is one of the most important protected areas of Europe, located a few kilometres distance from Isla Canela. At this amazing place you can observe several species of mammals, like the iberian lynx, of reptiles like the tortoise Testudo graeca and also of migratory birds. A magnificent visit for all the family.
  • Marshland at Isla Cristina
    Isla Cristina is land of borders that separate towns and also Spain and Portugal. At the estuary of the river Guadiana the wide natural park of the marshland is formed to create a spectacular landscape with a wind mill as background and where migratory birds can be observed.
  • Monuments
    The main historical buildings and monuments are situated in Ayamonte. At this town you can find different churches of a great architectural value. On the way, you can make a stop at the imposing Tower of Isla Cristina. Also, you can't miss the roman mausoleum in Punta del Moral.