What to see in Islantilla?
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The incomparable terrritory of Islantilla is located on the Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light), a name that proves right the great natural beauty of this zone. The wide beach of Islantilla welcomes its tourists who come looking for the good weather, for the impressive events and for the wide variety of outdoor sports that can be practised around the region.
Discover Islantilla...
  • Islantilla beach
    The beach of Islantilla stands out by its wide and long sandy area that attracts the sunlight which has given name to this coastline. This beach has got a recognition by its touristic quality due to the well cared environment and the services it offers.
  • Nature Parks
    The coastal park of Islantilla or the marshland of Isla Cristina are some of the natural protected areas, formed by native flora and fauna surrounding the whole coast of Islantilla. A magnificent environment to do hiking and that will make your stay by the beach a fulfilling experience.
  • Isla Cristina
    At a few kilometres distance from Islantilla you will find Isla Cristina where you can make a cultural visit. The area stands out for the architecture of its historical buiildings, as its church or th well known Casa de Gildita together with spaces dedicated to the culture and the literature of Andalusia.
  • Lepe
    This town is surprising by the amount of buildings and historical details that can be observed on its streets. The historical and artistically built Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán or the ruins of an old convent are only some of the most appreciated places by local inahabitants and visitors.
  • Pilgrimages
    The pilgrimages celebrated all around the region are admired by many people who just don't want to miss it. The religious ceremonies are combined with traditional and cheerful pilgrimages with offers to respected religious figures. Check the calendar of celebrations too know about the most popular pilgrimages of Andalusia.
  • Easter Week
    In the region where Islantilla belongs to Easter Week is celebrated with fervour. Brotherhoods and thousands of parishioners get together to bring out the processions to show off the sacred statues. The streets are decorated with flowers and saetas (praising hymns) are sung and admired with passion.