What to do in Islantilla
Holidays in Huelva
Islantilla is a place where everyone fits in since there is a great offer not only in what concerns sports but also in shopping centres around the region. Islantilla is also the perfect place to try the andalusian gastronomy focused on fresh products from the sea.
Activities in Islantilla
  • Golf
    The magnificent weather of the zone and the long days of spring and summer make Islantilla the perfect place for the fans of Golf. The several Golf courses around the region make it easy for you to enjoy this unique sport in the best place with the best services.
  • Navigation
    Islantilla beach gathers the perfect conditions to practise nautical sports. The water from the Atlantic and the sea breeze make this the ideal place for those who love windsurf or sailing, not only for those wo are starting at this activity, but also for those who are already professionals.
  • Hiking
    There is no better way to discover the beauty of the natural spots and the astonishing landscape than to do hiking around the trails created for that purpose all around the area. Walking around gives you the opportunity to discover the fauna and flora typical of this area.
  • Gastronomy
    The popular andalusian gastronomy is recognised all over the world by its great quality with highlights on sea products. That is why the coast of Islantilla is the best place to savour the fish and seafood, namely the white shrimps from Huelva, the prawns or the clams. You can't miss either the famous cold cuts as chorizo and Jabugo hams.
  • Shopping-Centers
    In Islantilla you can find several shopping centers with establishments with all kinds of products to make your holidays perfect. At the shopping centers you can spend the day shopping at shops of the best brands and you can take a break in one of the bars or restaurants.
  • Events
    The calendar of events in Islantilla is full of important dates, namingly, religious celebrations or the impressive, colourful Carnival recognised as Touristic Attraction of Andalusia. In summer, the celebration of St John stands out together with other several cultural events dedicated to music, literature and cinema.