Punta umbría
What to do in Punta Umbría
Holidays in Huelva
In Punta Umbría you can enjoy the wonders that Andalusia offers, the delicious gastronomy, the good weather, the astonishing beaches and the interesting History. A wide offer of activities just a few kilometres of the province, Huelva, that comprises the main and highly recognised touristic areas of the Costa de la Luz.
Discover Punta Umbría...
  • Huelva
    Punta Umbría is the coastal town which is nearest to Huelva. At about 15 kilometres, Huelva has got several monuments full of History to teach about the civilizations that lived in this capital of province.
  • Canoe ride
    The boat was the only transport, in the past, that connected Punta Umbría to Huelva. That was how the use of wooden canoes became popular. An activity that became a touristic attraction with a route through the estuary to visit some interesting places of the town.
  • Gastronomy
    The gastronomy of Punta Umbría is defined by the maritime tradition. The fish market provides the best seafood to local restaurants.
  • Chiringuitos
    You mustn't leave Punta Umbría without trying the most popular dishes of the typical beach bars called chiringuitos. These have a wide offer of seafood, typical of Andalusia, such as fried fish, cuttlefish or gazpacho (cold tomato soup). Delicacies that go with a nice glass of wine by the sea.
  • Water sports
    The waves and the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean make the perfect conditions to the practice of water sports. If you consider yourself an adventurer, you have got the chance to learn how to surf or windsurf. On the other hand if you prefer something more quiet, Punta Umbría is also the perfect place to start fishing.
  • Golf Tourism
    The marshlands and natural landscapes of Punta Umbría are a central spot for many birds during their process of migration. A great opportunity to learn and observe this beauty of nature. The lagoon in Portil is one of the places where you can appreciate most this process.